Thepuppies has always been your go to blog for up to date cycling excitement. The board of directors has proposed we also disseminate other useful information. Topic of the day— the impending destruction of the planet. That got your attention huh? Next time you finish a lovely ride and think …”man that was fun…i hope that people in 200 years also get to enjoy a nice ride like that” then think what can i do now to make sure it happens. Where does one start? I don’t know, i’m just a lowly guy at a computer but luckily there are smart people out there who tell you where to start.
Check the below links to see if any of these groups share your wishes and then give em’ a buck or two.

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Thepuppies welcomes it’s newest and tiniest member. Little James joined us on June 18th and he is pumped to join the crew.


Feel free to come over and meet him, party down, and get new belgium’ed at the annual Tour De Fat. We will be having a pre-ride coffee and donuts at our place and a general outside party all day after the ride. Bring your kids, your trailers, your animals, costumes…all are welcome at the Tour. Bike parade launch is at 11 so stop on by anytime before (or after). I will have some hot dogs and what nots for the afternoon crew.

July 12th, Palmer Square.

link for TDF!

And you thought we were gone? Shame on you. Shame on me for not posting but alas life happens and blogging should not be a high priority on anyone’s list. Of course I must start by complaining about this last winter. BRUTAL (i’m done…that’s all i will say). The last post was in August, following that I got married and went on the best honeymoon adventure ever with a week of biking in southern France. I hope to post some pics from that trip in the future.

I was checking the progress of the bloomingdale / 606 trail and it looks like it’s moving right along. They have the completion date listed at “fall 2014” and that has me exicted. I cannot wait for this trail to open up, it will be a great compliment to the boulevard system and a safe way for east-west bike traffic.

Here is the link for their site:

In closing get on your bike, the weather is changing and spring is in the air.

You deserve one.

August 30, 2013



Thepuppies have officially adopted New Belgium Shift Pale Lager as the official beer of thepuppies. In addition to being a very tasty beer it also is sold in a compact 4 pack that is easily stored in a bike bag. I would estimate one could probably pack 7 packs in an ortlieb classic pannier. That is 112 ounces (x2..your other rear pannier) thats 224 oz. Add some packs on the top of your rack, some front panniers, and a helmet that holds two beers and you are getting close the the 1920 ounces in a keg. You are a one man (or woman) beer delivery system on a bike and the coolest thing to show up at a party since those two story inflatable water slide that i have seen at block parties. 

New Belgium will soon pass over $ 2 million dollars raised for local cycling nonprofits and advocacy. Put your money where it should be. Miller and Bud ain’t doing shit for you. 

Plus they have the greatest bike party in North America with Tour de Fat, if you have not been yet…shame on you. 

One more act of charity: listen to this song (click me). 


Summer summer summer-time

August 9, 2013


Sorry for the lack of updates lately, my salary was cut by management at thepuppies and I have not had the resources to post. Luckily I have had the opportunity to get out there on my bike. Drove down to Shawnee National Forest down about Carbondale. Did some hiking, biking would be tough, the sites are very spread out, not many towns or support down there. In other news some two bit whore stole my brooks saddle and seat post. That saddle was perfectly fit to my ass like no other, i do wish you harm you bastard. Moving on, getting ready to hit the roads in France in about a month. Looking forward to wine, cheese, and country roads. 

This weekend we will be heading out of town for some cycling and camping (we think). Cancel your plans and join us. 

And a special thanks to the brothers (and all buddies who attended) for a kick ass bachelor party. Good work boys. 



IMG_3210 IMG_3236

For fun up in Door County. We drove up to Algoma and rode to Fish Creek. It’s about 50 miles to Peninsula State Park, great ride, very low street traffic. There is a trail that takes you to Sturgeon Bay, from there you go up the west side of the peninsula to the park. There is a brewery in Egg Harbor and some great places to eat in Fish Creek. We managed to spot a huge turkey in the park (not one of those punk turkey vultures but the real gobble head with circular butt feathers), Shan was convinced he was a bear. Similar to her thinking a cow was a bear on the California coast. In her mind: animal bigger then squirrel = bear = danger. I recommend you get yourself up there soon and check it out. Next time we may make it all the way to Washington Island.


June 1, 2013


Thepuppies send our love to Bobbie Cann’s family and friends. He was lost this week, hit and killed on Clybourn Ave. Stay safe out there people.

Let’s bike

May 23, 2013

It’s Memorial Day weekend and that means you should get out of your house. We will be heading up to Door County, WI early Saturday and bike from the south to the north. The plan is to head to a state park and camp, eat cheese curds, drink some beers, and have an overall jolly Wisconsin time. 

why did you do that?

April 16, 2013

In non bike related news someone (or someones) decided to detonate two bombs at the Boston Marathon yesterday. I am starting to be at a loss for what to think. My brain has been having a very hard time lately trying to understand why someone would…..start shooting people in a movie theatre, kill a classroom of little kids, blow up children watching their parents run a marathon. My sympathies to all those lost and hurt. Can the people with common sense start leading this country out of this mess? I hope this is not the new norm, just waiting for the next unbelievable and unexplainable violent event. I will not get used to it. 


March 25, 2013

I’m not really sure how i found this, but I did. Found it all on my own. Now I will share it with you. You really should read all of the reviews.

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