And you thought we were gone? Shame on you. Shame on me for not posting but alas life happens and blogging should not be a high priority on anyone’s list. Of course I must start by complaining about this last winter. BRUTAL (i’m done…that’s all i will say). The last post was in August, following that I got married and went on the best honeymoon adventure ever with a week of biking in southern France. I hope to post some pics from that trip in the future.

I was checking the progress of the bloomingdale / 606 trail and it looks like it’s moving right along. They have the completion date listed at “fall 2014” and that has me exicted. I cannot wait for this trail to open up, it will be a great compliment to the boulevard system and a safe way for east-west bike traffic.

Here is the link for their site:

In closing get on your bike, the weather is changing and spring is in the air.