You deserve one.

August 30, 2013



Thepuppies have officially adopted New Belgium Shift Pale Lager as the official beer of thepuppies. In addition to being a very tasty beer it also is sold in a compact 4 pack that is easily stored in a bike bag. I would estimate one could probably pack 7 packs in an ortlieb classic pannier. That is 112 ounces (x2..your other rear pannier) thats 224 oz. Add some packs on the top of your rack, some front panniers, and a helmet that holds two beers and you are getting close the the 1920 ounces in a keg. You are a one man (or woman) beer delivery system on a bike and the coolest thing to show up at a party since those two story inflatable water slide that i have seen at block parties. 

New Belgium will soon pass over $ 2 million dollars raised for local cycling nonprofits and advocacy. Put your money where it should be. Miller and Bud ain’t doing shit for you. 

Plus they have the greatest bike party in North America with Tour de Fat, if you have not been yet…shame on you. 

One more act of charity: listen to this song (click me). 



Summer summer summer-time

August 9, 2013


Sorry for the lack of updates lately, my salary was cut by management at thepuppies and I have not had the resources to post. Luckily I have had the opportunity to get out there on my bike. Drove down to Shawnee National Forest down about Carbondale. Did some hiking, biking would be tough, the sites are very spread out, not many towns or support down there. In other news some two bit whore stole my brooks saddle and seat post. That saddle was perfectly fit to my ass like no other, i do wish you harm you bastard. Moving on, getting ready to hit the roads in France in about a month. Looking forward to wine, cheese, and country roads. 

This weekend we will be heading out of town for some cycling and camping (we think). Cancel your plans and join us. 

And a special thanks to the brothers (and all buddies who attended) for a kick ass bachelor party. Good work boys.