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For fun up in Door County. We drove up to Algoma and rode to Fish Creek. It’s about 50 miles to Peninsula State Park, great ride, very low street traffic. There is a trail that takes you to Sturgeon Bay, from there you go up the west side of the peninsula to the park. There is a brewery in Egg Harbor and some great places to eat in Fish Creek. We managed to spot a huge turkey in the park (not one of those punk turkey vultures but the real gobble head with circular butt feathers), Shan was convinced he was a bear. Similar to her thinking a cow was a bear on the California coast. In her mind: animal bigger then squirrel = bear = danger. I recommend you get yourself up there soon and check it out. Next time we may make it all the way to Washington Island.



June 1, 2013


Thepuppies send our love to Bobbie Cann’s family and friends. He was lost this week, hit and killed on Clybourn Ave. Stay safe out there people.