Ok, so first another minor rant. The Chicago Marathon will cost you $175 as a local and $200 dollars if you are an international participant. Fuck you Bank of America and the other organizers of this event. I have had a good run so far participating in the last 8 Chicago marathons. I can say I have had a great time, especially the last few years being able to raise money for Misericordia and being part of the HeartRacers team. How can you justify charging someone that much money for running down the street? Yes, you are just running down the street…you show up with a pair of shoes and run. That’s it. I know you reply…you have to shut down the streets, pay police, buy all that great gatorade, pay out prize money. Save it, who cares who wins and how much money they get. This was designed to be a race for the people. Do you know how much they charged during the first race? It was $5 dollars and the original selling point and advertisements declared it was “the people’s race anyone can come and enjoy.” It is disappointing that no medial outlets have called their bluff, no mention of skyrocketing fees at all in the internet-news-blogosphere. As for right now my plan will be to host another race on that day that will be 26.2 for my friends (and anyone else who wants to join). Cost will be free and if you want give that $175 to the charity of your choice go for it. Sorry gatorade stations will not be supplied but finishers will get a medal and a beer.

In other non rant news, I saw a new article on the Bloomingdale Trail. Check it out, if you have a cool one million to five million you can have a bridge named after you. I can’t wait to someday ride the Exelon CNA Boeing Trail (formerly known only in theory as the Bloomindale Trail). If you expand the “artist’s rendering” picture you can even see they included a nice bilboard right on the entry point stairs…how cute. I guess i kind of turned that into a backhanded rant. Sorry.

Click me to learn how you can have your name on a bridge or light post. 


It’s funny how 48 degrees can seem downright balmy when it’s compared to 10. On my commute home I had a nice tail wind, slight rain, and it was overall a great ride. Come September I’m sure I will bitching and moaning about that temperature but I will take it mid Feb. anytime. Just noticed that if you click my page below on the West coast trip it takes you to a new page where you can look at my pics and watch an advertisement/show on the Green Housewives. I have no idea who they are and how they got to my website but it appears wordpress now is pimping thepuppies out to make a dime. I would like to state for the record thepupies do not endorse Green Housewives or anything else sold to you here. Back to biking: I booked a weekend at Kettle Moraine (June 22) so put it on your calendar and join us for the third annual trip. I must be getting desperate if I am booking trips in June already.****addendum: the Green Housewives ad was removed from the post, now i just feel like i am being monitored****

One more thing I wanted to post. Check the link. It’s a Dutch fellow riding his bike to the dentist. It kind of is as boring as it sounds but it is also brilliant. Little commentary running at the bottom explains all the features and set up of the bike lanes and layout. It is amazing in it’s simplicity and utterly depressing because it makes me realize just how far we are behind them and how much our cities / politicians / morbidly obese drivers will never allow the kind of set up they have over there. Everyone looks relaxed and is just moving right along. You never get the sense that your life hangs in the balance every second you are on your bike. Imagine that….sounds nice.

check the biking fun here

One final note, who is up for a snow ride next time it comes down?