West Coast Boogie.

October 6, 2012


It’s been awhile since the pups posted anything. We have been on many adventure since then. The summer was great and included mucho biking. Hope my biking legs turn back to running legs soon because we got the marathon tomorrow. The highlights of the summer included the Tour De Illinois, Tour De Michigan, and the Tour De Wiso. Pictured above is a site we came across while biking from South Haven to Saugatuck. Another great weekend was rolling back up to Lake Geneva for the carnival. On the way back Sweet Angelines saved our ass. This place is in Richmond Illinois and if you are ever in the neighborhood stop by and enjoy some great breakfast.

Then we conquered the real deal. Thepuppies took over the west coast. We flew out to Seattle with our babies and rode down to San Francisco. I guess I could write a book on the trip. I could do that but what I will instead do is encourage you to go there and ride it for yourself. This country has a lot to see and to see it by bike is truly the best way. It was beautiful and the trip of a lifetime. Shout outs to the new members Jordan and Libby, you two were rock solid. Bad Ass with a capital B and A. A certain ring also made the trip with me and made for one happy lady. Stay safe, get your knickers out of the closet because the frost is coming.