Heat Wave

July 7, 2012


My boy Tom Skilling tells me that it is the hottest in Chicago since the deadly heat wave of 1995. Luckily I have been laying low on the sandy shores of Lake Michigan, keeping cool, and enjoying the sun and fun. Hope to get some puppies out to Novelty Golf soon, he had a great impromptu secret picnic at our top secret meeting place in the woods. Congrats to little sis for making it out for that event. Other recent events have included a trip to beer city USA, and rock climbing the red river gorge in Ken-tuck–eee. I have been getting into the Tour De France, crazy crashes this year. Since it’s July and I am watching the tour I will be riding on the second anual P.U.R.E. ride, if you feeling like getting a good work out in join me. Here is the route from last year.

Click here for map of Stage 1 Tour De Illinois