A strike team of puppies left town this weekend and biked up to Milwaukee. The plan was to wait out the Nato meeting from a safe distance then when the shit hit the fan we would bike back down and take back control of the city and lead the people to a bright new dawn. We were quickly incapacitated as we hit the lovely Milwaukee brewing co. before we even got into town. This is the perfect way to bike into town, any soreness was eliminated by the flowing delicious beverages we enjoyed. Next day we got to see some man in a suit slide down a slide many times (grand slam also dropped on those punk ass Twins) at the Brewers game. Met a dude named Jay who took us to the grab some gyros and found us the best juke box in town. Thanks Jay for the hospitality. Other thanks to the eager Kaitlyn at the Intercontinental and the crazy dude we met for not killing us (apparently you can meet a wife in Cudahy if you have a few bucks and a half a pack of smokes). Let me also thank the big person upstairs for the glorious tailwind on both the trip up and the return trip back home, this has never happened before to me. It was grand. We will be planning on some events for new recruits soon. Stay posted.