January 15, 2012

Thepuppies super elite running squad made it to the SnowFunRun in Lake Geneva recently. I’m happy to report that we made it home with many trophies and a few medals. I will post some pics of our new friends we met when i get them. I know the snow is starting but we are already in spring planning mode. I’m going to get some trips on the calendar so clear your schedule. Looking way in the future thepuppies are planning on riding the Oregon coast this summer, if you have any suggestions for us (route, accommodations, meds) please let us know.

Here is a link i came across while searching for rain jackets….can i get an Amen?


Happy new year bike people. It is that time of year to take stock and say you will do stuff better next year. Get off my ass, I will update the site more. I know the world hangs on pins and needles awaiting the next grand post on thepuppies. Thanks to everyone for creating such a kick ass Christmas tree at my house this year. So far we have no excuses not to be biking, what a great mild winter so far. I do realize that by saying this I have destined us all for a huge winter slam that will descend with a fierceness we have never seen, sorry. This weekend a crew will be heading north for the annual Snow Fun Run. Might make a trip down to Chinatown tomorrow night for hot pot, join in.