Halloween approaches, come out to the Urban Initiatives party. Here is a link, get your ticket soon, it will sell out.

http://www.click this for a cool party

In other bike news we made it up north to the Elroy-Sparta trail. I would definitely recommend it as a great fall ride. The leaves were turning and Oktoberfest was brewing. We rode from Elroy to LaCrosse on trails the entire way (60 miles). The tunnels were fun, the beer and cheese soup did not disappoint. Next time we may cross the mighty Miss and continue the adventure on into Minnesota.

Side rant: I used to recommend Specialized Armadillo tires, to all my friends who recently purchased these I apologize. Specialized seems to have thought to make there products go from superb to extra shitty for some reason. They used to be bomb proof, I put lots of miles on without ever flatting. The current tires collect so much debris you are picking out glass every time you stop. Also they flat on a regular basis, not worth the price you are paying. I have moved on to Conti gatorskins for city riding, you should too.

On a positive note, I would recommend a headlight for the upcoming winter.

click this for a cool headlight

It’s pricey at around $50 bucks but gives you serious torch power. Also converts to a headlamp, has helmet mount and handlebar mounts. It somewhere between basic safety light and high output light. Pictured below is on the way to LaCrosse.