Thank you all

September 28, 2011

To everyone who came out last week for the Misericordia Heartracer fundraiser I thank you kindly. We raised $1,500 dollars and were able to meet our goals of $1,000 each. I will post the totals when we are finished. Now I guess I really got to run this marathon, it’s official.

If the weather looks good we may head up this weekend and ride the Elroy-Sparta trail in Wisconsin and end up in LaCrosse for their Octoberfest.


Party Thursday

September 20, 2011

Join us this Thursday at the Village Tap on Roscoe for some good times. Work sucks, you need a drink, and you want to give me your money for a great cause. Me and Shannon are running the Chicago Marathon for Misericordia. Hope to see you all there. In other news some dickfuck stole Shannon’s beloved bike. To all the residents who watched this evil person saw through her u-lock at the corner of Wilson and Damen in broad day light….thanks for helping out, i feel the Chicago brotherly love. Moving on with life we welcomed a brand new Bianchi Volpe into the puppy family. We took her out for a test run tonight and she performed great. Thanks to Kevin at Boulevard Bikes for helping us out, go buy your bikes there, they are very nice (and know what they are doing).

Thinking we may take another crack at Three Floyds on Sunday.




September 4, 2011

We attempted a dangerous mission down to Three Floyds Brewery. Made it down to 100th street and the start of the Burnham Greenway. At that point the heavens opened up and furious storm almost destroyed us. We were lucky enough to be able to hang out under the beautiful Skyway for some time until it passed. We decided to cut our trip short due to inclement weather and battled back to the red line at 95th complete with Shan starting her cyclocross career. Thankfully we stopped at Binny’s on the way home and stocked up and got properly beered to nurse our wounds. We will be back and complete the trip soon. You should join us.

The event at the Abbey for Danny Did turned out to be a great night. Thanks to all who came out and supported. In other philanthropic news: We are once again running the Chicago Marathon for Misericordia. Events and details to follow.