Watched stage 14 of the Tour and thought it a great idea to wake up early and test my skills. With that the first P.U.R.E ride was launched. The puppies urban rural exploration ride was meant to try to ride in the city and surrounding area and pretend you are not in a major metropolis. Goal was to see as few cars and people as possible. The only time that was a little tricky was the street that is on the border between Wisconsin and Illinois, not a great shoulder so i rode on the rock covered shoulder. If you are riding 700×23 tires you may not want to take Russel rode. All and all it was a good ride, the Des Plaines River trail was very quiet. I will say there are not many options for food when coming down that way. I marked a Potbelly with an “aid station” icon on the map I put together if you are ever on that path. I think I was getting delirious as that was mile 82 and all I had in me was a snickers bar and a muffin. Like I said, impaired judgement. Once Potbellied up it was smooth sailing home. I also marked my parents house, I stopped by and made some bratwursts, watched stage 15 then headed back home. Join me next year for the second anual.


Metra. Fuck you.

July 11, 2011

Warning to all bikers who are planning a trip out of town and want to start their journey by rail. Make sure your travel day is not a black out day. We got bonked on our adventure up to Kettle Moraine because of the Taste of Chicago. Access to train denied, even though we reasoned to the conductor that we were heading out of the city and thus were not inconveniencing anyone, no mercy. We ended up fleeing the turkey legs and artery clogging mess that is the Taste and headed west making it close to Oswego before heading back. At least we got a good ride in. And grab the tequila our amigo Jerimista is back and ready to join up with the pups again. Welcome back and get your bike legs out.

EVENT THIS SATURDAY: Tour De Fat invades Palmer Square. Come down for the parade, beer, and bikes.