Ride Tomorrow After Work

September 30, 2010

Heading north for no particular reason tomorrow. Leaving after work. Plan is to head up north around the Botanical Gardens then back down south. Bring your headlights and headlamps because we will be in the woods and it will get dark. Plan is to stop at Barnaby’s in Niles on the way back home. Here is a review to entice you.

If your idea of “great” pizza is greasy, stale and overpriced than this place is “great.”
Besides sticking to the floors and seats, the pizza (if you can call it that) was disgusting and the atmosphere was more disgusting. This place hasn’t seen the business end of a mop and sponge in decades. There was an over the hill bartender dressed in some kind of cowboy get up and some little goon with a beer gut with a flat top haircut walking around barking orders at people. The lighting was dim and the steady customers must be dimmer still. I don’t know how anyone could eat there. Part nursing home, part VFW post. It smelled worse than the subway tunnel at North Avenue. If anyone wrote a positive review, it must have been the owner. Yeccch

Part nursing home, part VFW post! Im there. Thanks to everyone for making the Bocce Party a big success. We raised $540 for Misericordia.


We made it.

September 21, 2010

To all concerned parties we survived the Great Lake Ride. We made it somewhere around 700 miles we think in ten straight days of riding. It was a great time. Get us drunk some night and we will tell you all about it. No flats, no troubles, smooth sailing for the most part. I highly recommend not working for two weeks and spending the majority of the time on your bike. You will have a sore ass but you will also feel very good about yourself and life in general.

ALSO PARTY THIS SATURDAY AT MY PLACE: Bocce fundraiser for Misericordia kicks off at 2:00. See you there.