Still riding

August 26, 2010

reporting in from the road. We have had 3 good days of riding so far. First night we stopped in oconto, then at JW Wells state park, and last night we made it to Flowing Wells campsite east of Escanaba. It’s mid day Thursday and we are now in Manistique. Not sure of the plan for tonight but the goal is for St Ignace tomorrow.


Have not been posting much but it’s summer and i’m busy staying outside as much as i can. Been logging some miles in preparation for the ride around the lake. We are leaving on the 22nd from Sheboygan or Manitowac and heading around to Grand Haven (hopefully), we will see what happens. Should be a fun ride. I had to get a new ride quickly so a big thanks to Kevin at Boulevard Bikes. He hooked me up with a great new Surly LHT. I’m pretty happy my Sojourn got smashed now. This bike is a lot lighter and the drivetrain is like butter compared to my raleigh. Have already put it through it’s paces, it even got a full propane tank home for me from the grocery store.

We will riding north tomorrow morning (i got a nice route in mind if you want to join us). Tonight is for mojitos and steak.

Monday meet up at Montrose and the lake, they are showing Pee Wee’s Big Adventure in the park. F’in awesome. IT’S NOT FOR SALE FRANCIS!