June 29, 2010

Tour De Fat came to town right outside my front door. How fun. It seems like this would be the best traveling carnival to work for. Bikes, beer, and music. What a fun summer, sign me up. The highlight was the thunderdome style set up with all sorts of crazy engineered bikes. Some were next to impossible to ride. The nice mud pit only made it that much more fun. Good job to Shannon (and the 9 year old) who at least attempted to ride the the the bike with three BMX’s welded together. We did not get too far, but we held our own the the ones with two welded together.

In other news we made it to Arlington Park on our bikes, took the Des Plaines River trail. Good times and fun getting out there off the pavement again. Would be up for another run out there to win my money back. Also, there is a Steak and Shake on the way back.

As summer kicks it up remember to bike it on over to your local ice cream establishment and pig out. We made it to Tasty Freeze, even little Cleo joined us, thanks pup.


Bike to work week

June 15, 2010

It’s that time of year for all your biking to earn you a couple free cups of coffee so come out and celebrate bike to work week. I have attached a link to see where all the locations are. In other news our vacation request was finally approved so we are officially doing the Lake Michigan bike tour. Since my last post I have just been putting on some miles in preparation for the summer tour. I went to Elgin one week, Zion the next. They were both kind of nice in their own way. Or maybe i was just that tired that I thought they were nice. Even though these trips were mostly on trails you still never felt like you were really out of the city. A weird mix of nature and city, but it’s better then street riding any day. At least I can say I rode to where there are cows, hey that’s an accomplishment in it’s own way.

Upcoming:  a trip down south to promontory point for a barbecue and swim if nice out and i will put an official map together for a pub tour to be completed soon. Thanks to everyone for the birthday barbecue bash, great times. Big sarcastic thanks to those that “iced” me. Thanks Bro.