Found puppy

May 28, 2010

Ok, i did it. Got another bike. I kind of felt crazy when i told someone the other day i now have four bikes. Four bikes, wow. Lets justify this to myself. I have never owned a car and never got rid of a bike. So one could estimate in my adult life i would have gone through 2, maybe 3 cars by now. My bikes have not depreciated in value, if anything the longer i have them the more I want to keep them around. So, this is normal right?Besides, this poor bike needed a good home. I found him on Craigslist living a lonely life in a suburb of Milwaukee. Seeing his picutre, he beckoned for me to rescue him and so we did. Disclaimer: Bike was rescued via the greatness of Jack and his awesome SUV, score one point for cars.

Made a ride up to the Botanical Gardens for his maiden voyage. Good bike, still got to get used to the mustache style handlebars. And for those in the know, yes he is parked in front of Nicks Gyros, and yes it was hot as hell and i rocked a chocolate boston shake.


Rode up to Fort Sherman yesterday. Nice day for a longer ride. Got some sun, some fun, and a whole bunch of Walker Brothers apple pancake madness. Took some pics of us on bike sculptures, we left one vacant in honor of our navigator down in Mexico (like tipping your 40 for you homie, but in bike gang style).

body geometry

May 10, 2010

Thanks you tube.
  • Congrats to my sis on a new bike, we welcome you to the rough and tumble world of bike gang lifestyle. If you are ever in need for a new bike i would recommend the Kozy up north on Milwaukee. While they tune up your new steed stop in the Greek fast food joint up the block for a tasty beef or gyro.
  • Check your LCD at the metro, may 26. be there, get on down.
  • Second annual Ride to Roll (sushi) happened Thursday, thanks Dirk for your tasty fish.
  • Bullet points demand your attention.


Boy do i suck.

May 5, 2010

Ok, updating the blog has been most weak lately. I attribute this to a busy month. PuppiesHQ has moved to Logan Square, thanks to everyone who helped us get moved (Shannon, Ed, and Tim you rock). Also Dino came to town and tried to kill me yet again. Enough excuses, the weather is nice, my legs are ready to push pedal. I have already jaunted down to Pilsen to check out Nightwood this week (great burger, taste like hot dogs but in a good way if that is possible). Lets get another ride or two in. Im thinking Thursday night or Friday night. Above is a pic from my trip to Tahoe, amazing!