fun(d) raiser.

January 31, 2010

Urban Initiatives had their annual Soccer Ball and it was another great time. Good job Dan and Jimmy, keep up the good work in 10′. This years highlights included a build your own macaroni bar with blue cheese and bacon. Yes it was as good as it sounds. They also had a photo booth, could not pass up that opportunity. If you did not make it this year hope to see you out there next year.


Bridgeport by Bike.

January 22, 2010

Hoping to explore the southside soon. Bridgeport was profiled in this months Momentum magazine. It seems there is a nice little bike culture brewing down there. Sunday i may go exploring if you want to join up.

I made it to Winter Bike to Work Day this week. It was at the Active Trans headquarters this year. Smaller turnout (at least early when i visited) but the coffee was still free and hot. Also managed to score some calendars and bike winter stickers.

Update: Made it down to Bridgeport, although I was on foot, no bike today. The rain held off and 43 degrees seemed downright tropical. The new Stearns Quarry park looked great (Halsted and 27th). It appears that the pond (old quarry site) will be used for fishing. I would like to urge the park district to let us use it for swimming. This would be the best damn swimming hole around, so much potential. After seeing how much fun they can be in Austin, TX i realized every city should have one.

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Are you winter biking?

January 18, 2010

It’s that time of year again. Bike to work winter day, this Wednesday. I’ll be there enjoying my complimentary coffee first thing in the morning. Hope to see you there. This year it’s at State and Hubbard. Also, I hope to make critical mass this month because the Polkaholics are playing a show after at Lincoln Square Lanes, sounds like a party to me.

Missing Puppy

January 12, 2010

It is with sad regret that we bid adios muchachos to our MVP puppy Jeremy. Big J dog is moving to Cuernavaca Mexico for 6 months. Serving in his role as kindest puppy he is volunteering to start a PT clinic at an orphanage down there. Best of luck and get those kids healthy. He will be missed mucho. We are already eagerly anticipating his triumphant return to the US. On the up side we did get to throw a couple of bangers to send him off. Two weeks ago was Korean Karaoke and last week was thepuppies return trip to the infamous Lake Geneva Snow Fun Run. Keep your heads up everyone and get outside it supposed to get a little warmer this week. 34 on thursday…..oooohhhh 34.

Thanks everyone for coming out to the Christmas party…great time…great tree.