Hello everyone, thanks for coming by to the Super Game Party #1 Fun Time and making it a great event. Sorry i did not get to chat with everyone but i was working on my downward dog vomit into wastebasket. Hope to see you at the Urban Initiatives party this Saturday, bring your costume A-game. Thepuppies made it up to the botanical gardens recently, it’s still biking weather so try to get a few more in there. And a big thanks to Always Sunny for reminding of THE American song. Yes, that is the best video ever posted on youtube. Fight for your rights, fight for your life!!!!




Saturday. My place.

October 22, 2009


Come on by this Saturday. We are having a get you in the Halloween mood party. Festivities will include pumpkin carving (bring your own), drinking (boot is ready and waiting for you), and old school games. Bring an idea (and supplies if needed) for a game(s) of your choice. Think back to what you used to play when you were just a little one. It can be indoors, outdoors, anything you want. Come on by anytime after 7:00 lets say. If you need to cheat you can look here for ideas.


IMG_5245And watch out for these guys, they have been spotted hanging around. Considered very dangerous.


October 17, 2009

Planning halloween costumes, this may be one option. Need a few more band members if you want to join us.

Just ordered outfit for Halloween, come to the Urban Initiatives party to see it. Keeping the harp video up just because it is bad ass.



New Orleans: work in progress

New Orleans: work in progress














It’s been vacation time. But let’s get back to Chicago and get this party started. We have had puppies all over the place lately, Ireland, Scotland, Philly, Austin, New Orleans. Me and JackRabbit slim have returned from our trip down south. A few lovely days in Austin and New Orleans. Great bike culture in Austin, not so much in New Orleans. Who cares, both places are great locations to get drunk. We managed to score some bikes in New Orleans and sweated the day away on two wheels. Interesting city, you really can go from nice to pure shit back to nice and back to “am i going to die?” in a few blocks. Hoping to get a few more good rides in before the snow hits. Let me know if you have any good ideas. Also, we got the marathon this weekend, that means Kumas get your burger on party later that day (Oct. 11th).

Im thinking of having a party Oct. 24th to get everyone in the Halloween mood. Here is the deal: We are bringing back all the games we played as kids (you remember when we used to do stuff, not just watch cable and play video games). You have to show up with one game (idea and supplies). Ideas include egg toss, Bozo buckets, pinatas, hot potato, etc. If we get messed up enough we can also go out and play ghost in the graveyard, TV tag, and others. Also bring your pumpkin and get ready to spill it’s guts and carve it up. As for the big day the Urban Initiatives Halloween Bash is the place to be. Don’t even kid yourself and think of going to another party. 


And to get you in the mood for my favorite holiday.