167.5 miles

August 27, 2009

IMG_3401We made it to Lake Geneva and back in one weekend. Great times were had. Pictured above are the two nice Sherpa’s I hired to haul the gear up there. We rode up Saturday camped at Big Foot Beach State Park (campsite 18 is where to do your thing) and hit the carnival that was in town. I can’t get enough of carnivals and Spotted Cow beer = things that just belong together. If you ever get the chance ride the Spin Out….pee your pants fun. The ride home on Sunday was perfect, no wind, plenty of sun and butterburgers. Get yourself Culverized fool. 

Here goes the running portion of the race this weekend. Click below. Start time is 9:00 am in the water. 

Run map.

Spin out don’t Snap out. 



The bike portion of the race is ready.  Click on the random numbers below to jump to the map. 


So, here’s the skinny on the race. Starts at Ohio St. beach for the swim, transition to RIC where are bikes will be. Bike down south, then back up north to my house. Dump your bike, grab your shoes, eat, pee, whatever. Start the run (map to be posted soon). Run up to Kuma’s Corner. Eat, drink. Cab / bus back to my house if you want or leave your bike till later that week, does not matter to me. If you want to give me a slim t-shirt i will run with a super fabulous fanny pack and that way you can at least have a dry shirt to change into at the bar. Give your running shoes to me earlier in the week and i will keep them at my house till race day. Invite anyone else you may think may be interested. Our race will be just slightly longer then a standard tri because we are bad ass. One more thing, you must be hung over to participate. No early to bed, no carbo loading allowed.


August 16, 2009


Have not posted much lately but I have keeping super busy. Rafting was excellent. Phish is just not like the good old days. Air and Water is crowded. It is fun to swim just north of Promontory point. We already miss Peter, give AZ hell buddy. Thats the short of what has been up. I will be posting the map for the first annual Anti Triathlon Triathlon soon. Study it. Event going down in a blaze of glory 8/30/09. Also, planning a journey up north to the promised land. Leaving for Lake Geneva early 8/22/09. 90 miles Saturday, 90 miles Sunday. And now a special treat….just rock it the f’ out with Dragonforce. Why? Because you can. 

Breakfast this Wednesday.

August 4, 2009

Meeting up at 6:45 at:
Dino’s Morgan Restaurant
(312) 226-5300
954 W Fulton Market, Chicago, IL 60607

Just west of Halsted. Nothing fancy, just breakfast. C9958C9E5CE341E495FC6FFE67BAFFD8