Last night had a great ride up to Novelty Golf in Lincolnwood. Best mini golf around for sure. Unfortunately the Bunny Hutch was closed by the time we finished golfing but don’t worry the Oberweiss Evil Empire has opened a store across the street (and yes the got my money for a chocolate shake). Perfect night for riding. Don’t forget to meet up at the new Yolk tomorrow morning. I’m also planning on riding down to the Sox game tomorrow night to celebrate the heat in hot dog and beer style. 

Who remembers the song and commercial? Classic.


Workin for the weekN.

June 19, 2009


Don't mess with the Bob's corner. It's his turf.

Don't mess with the Bob's corner. It's his turf.

Folks, Hit the daley center tomorrow morning. Then hit the new Yolk for breakfast Wednesday June 24. Thepuppies dine at 6:45ish. Location: 747 N. Wells.

BIKE to WORK week

June 16, 2009

ING corp has the best free stuff for you morning bikers. Check out the free coffee, smoothies, reflective stuff, etc. at the Pigeon/Transient triangle at Division/Milwauk/Ashland every morning this week. You will find me there every day with coffee, newspaper, and pigeon.

Here is the winner of the pothole contest….come on, really? WTF? I shit you not, one can not even see to the bottom of this beast. How many children need to fall down this monster to their death before the city fills it. Located @ northeast corner of division and halsted. 


June 10, 2009

It’s a birthday week, so get ready to boogie down. Two things to make you happy. click both.

KNIGHTLIFE II – 12″ video trailer from Cutters Records on Vimeo.


Back from the Promontory Point barbecue. Had a great time, the weather managed to hold out. It was a little cool but Jeremy got the fire rocking. Good cheddar smokies and birthday cake. A huge thanks to Kim and TJ for the cake. The treasure island down on 55th is a great place to load up on supplies next time you make it down there. We may hit some breakfast this week at the new Yolk and do a little pre-work yoga at Milton Oliver Park. Check back. 














Thepuppies now have an official headquaters: The Charleston in Bucktown is our current home away from home. After researching local haunts we decided The Charleston best fits our bad ass style most. When asked if they would sponsor us they told us to “earn it.” Well played.. we will. A close second place fell to The Corner Bar which had ample dogs and beer specials. $ 1 old style light steins (frosted) every night…shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit. The last place contender was Bar deVille, your bar is cool but you suck. Hopefully the weather is good this Sunday, still planning on the barbecue.

On another note does this interest anyone? Take some time off work and pack up your bike.

THIS! click me.

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