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May 24, 2009

Sunday June 7 let’s have a barbecue. Planned last year but never happened: Promontory Point Picnic. We will pack up “the bob” and head down south. Promontory point is located at 55th and the lake. Let’s meet up at the Viagra Triangle at 1:00 pm and represent then head down south. BYOB. We will bring food, grillin’ stuff, party favors, etc. I have included a map with local grocery stores if you don’t want to haul too much down there.¬†

map with food here!

Also have posted ¬†some new tunes under “music here”


Breakfast This Friday!

May 21, 2009

Meeting at the Original Pancake House at 22 E. Bellevue Pl. See you there.7:00 am.

Hangover Central.

May 19, 2009

My train has just arrived from hangover central and boy would i like to get off it. Weekend was rough thanks to one Mr. Scott visiting from Michigan. Great to have you in town. This week may end with breakfast, will update with details. Since it seems to be officially “nice” outside now I hope to be updating the site more in the future with events. In other news I put in about fifty miles yesterday and went to the Botanical Gardens yesterday, not recommended when you are still drunk and hung over. It did provide me with the best nap of my life. It will be forever remembered….respect the nap, it is your friend.

PS: send me your best pot hole pics. This one almost killed me today. To get perspective on the size please look at the garbage to give you reference. I am hosting a contest called “city of chicago take all your nice new money from those pay parking boxes and fill the god damn potholes you lazy pieces of shit.” The winner with the best pic will get a bag of asphalt.



Back in Chicago. Missed everyone. Survived the California coast and the Big Sur marathon. If it’s not raining tomorrow (Thursday) after after work we ride either to :

a) Silver Palm and Matchbox

b) Dan Deacon show at Metro

c) somewhere else you suggest

d) Deerhoof at Bottom Lounge

e) you should go see Queensryche at House of Blues in silent lucidity

Also, i may go see Mogwai at Congress Saturday. Call me if you need to gaze at some shoes.