Last snow?

March 30, 2009

Hope that was it. I’m asking all puppies readers to keep an eye out for spring. Please send any pics to me and i will post them on this site. Throw your camera in your bag, you never know when you will need it. WIth spring also comes more events. Last week we did some recon at Hopleaf. We can report that all beers are still accounted for, although the curry muscles are now gone. We also did a fun ride down to Chinatown for a crazy event. 20 bucks = 25 restaurants.


Ride To Roll

March 19, 2009

DISCO UPDATE: Tonight Lovefingers spins at Danny’s (Friday at Sonotheque and Saturday at Simone’s). If you want to disco down please call me and lets go.

Thepuppies had a Wire Wednesday party that also included some tasty home made sushi. Thanks to JACK, Shannon and Jeremy for their splendid rolling techniques. Also good job Dirk on the fresh fish as always. This weekend looks like good weather so lets see if we can hit the streets and cruise. Did anyone catch Cut Copy last night at VIC or Berlin?

This Saturday, get your funk on with the Inn Crowd at The Burlington on Fullerton. Puppies friend and mixmaster mully will be bringing it. 


Sorry, I know this is not bike related but i got to keep myself busy during these cold winter months. 


In other news a big congrats to our special friend TJ for celebrating his big special day. Good job buddy. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! The hospital let us take him out for 3 hours this time. Lets hope for 4 next time.



You heard right. Rocked medieval times. Thepuppies stormed the impenetrable castle out in Schaumburg, got properly hammered, and celebrated Shannon’s birthday all proper like. I have also been getting the itch to get out there and ride. I am thinking this weekend if the weather allows. My idea is to meet in the city and head north to Evanston and then bank west, wrap around the city, down south to roosevelt and then back east: seeing how many suburbs we can overtake in the process. End in Chinatown for eats. Why do this? I have no idea, do you have a better idea? We could potentially hit: 1) E-town 2) Morton Grove 3) Skokie 4) Niles 5) Park Ridge 6) Norridge 7) Elmwood Park 8) Oak Park 9) Forest Park 10) Cicero. If this interests you let me know.  Weather punked us: to be done at a later date.

**(2 mixes) more music added**  

HOT NEWS: on an unrelated note as reported in The Dork Times i heard that Daft Punk have been signed to do the score for the new TRON movie. My speeder bike is going 130bpm. 

We also tried out the butt pants after dinner and tournament. Pictures have been edited to protect the identity of all butt pant models. 
























Unfortunately, Shannon was beheaded by the evil king shortly after this picture was taken.