On another note the Urban Initiatives party was a damn good time as expected. Check out the pics. They had a vintage air hockey table complete with lots of neon and awesomeness.  Thepuppies are getting hungry and will be getting breakfast pre=work at some point this week. Check back for details. Right now i think the plan is Nookies on Wells this Friday. 

I also just upgraded my and my bike’s winter wardrobe. I finally got me some lobster gloves. yeah. My bike finally got some armadillo tires. I hear they are completely bomb proof. I hope they live up to the hype because if i got to change another flat i just might ghost ride my bike into a CTA bus. 

Reminder that a great Frenchy dance party is this Tuesday (the 27th) at Sonotheque. Ring me if you are interested. I will be there with French fries. I just confirmed that Russ Chimes will also be spinning. This will be great: Russ Chimes, Anoraak, and College all for five bucks, get the f’ out. 


Now my iTunes shuffle went to Nirvana “Breed”. It is doing a great job of getting me all 1995ish. 














Party Friday

January 23, 2009


My brother is throwing a kick ass fundraiser for Urban Initiatives tomorrow. It was a a blast last year. See you there, throw some cash around, help the economy. It’s at Salvage One, great space and will surely be a great time. Thepuppies are the official bike gang of Urban Initiatives.


January 18, 2009

Thepuppies celebrate a big birthday this week (Tuesday). Super Jeremy turns 30. We will be rocking some poetry slamming with him tonight at The Green Mill up north. Happy Birthday.


Paradise Sau-na(sty)

January 12, 2009

Thepuppies just got back from the Paradise Sauna up on Montrose in Albany Park. We were looking for a nice relaxing day and we got that (and a little extra). I can say that this is probably a nice place for females to come and relax. I read lots of reviews for this place and they all were great. All except one. Lets just say i should have paid more attention to this one. F’ing nasty. I have included it as a warning to you all in the bike gang community.

06/08/2008 Posted by Galaxina5

I read previous reviews before going to Paradise Spas. I was specifically looking for any information that intimated that this might be a gay hang-out. I’m not gay and, although I have absolutely no problem with homosexuality, I just wanted to make sure that when I went to the sauna I would not be: followed around by other men, or witness any sexual activity. Previous posters seemed to indicate there was no sexual activity occuring, so I went with the mind-set that it would be a relaxing day soaking away my aches and pains. Was I wrong! As soon as I entered the steam sauna, 2 men began masterbating RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME and looking expectantly for me to join in. Quick exit to the dry sauna- WHERE THE EXACT SAME THING OCCURRED. Was it a fluke? Wandered over to the “nap room” to cool off and escape the “wankers.” Lo and behold- another man pleasuring himself- and being very loud and obvious about it. I wanted to get my money’s worth, but the number of men openly masterbating on the premises was too much. I quickly showered and left- which is a shame because the facilities, though not elegant, weren’t that bad. However, public masterbation is simply gross. I am quite glad I wore my own flip-flops. What gives? I HIGHLY suggest not going to Paradise Sauna- unless you like to watch older, out of shape men jerking-off while they make little bleeting noises and stare longingly at you. Totally gross and TOTALLY unacceptable. If this is a “bath house,” other reviewers have made no indication of it. I tried to complain to the management- but besides an obvious language barrier (they are Korean), no one was even manning the front desk when I left. They have plenty of signs indicating lewd behavior will not be tolerated- but they obviously don’t enforce said rules. Save your money and take a hot bath at home- at least you know that some fatty isn’t choking his chicken mere inches from you!

Pros: none

Cons: open lewd behavior, lack of enforcement of spa rules


If you are wondering what the party at Sonotheque on the 27th may be like. Check this. Enough said.


Just back from the Lake Geneva Snow Fun Run and yes, it was fun. We stayed up at Timber Ridge (where the players play) and did get to enjoy the awesome indoor water park. Yeah, you heard right….indoor water park. This race definitely had the best post race party ever. All the free beer you could handle, snacks, prizes, crazy ass DJ’s who called out girls with big “Wisconsin asses” as he put it, and the sausage dance. After the party we hit the pitch black water slide which is kind of of scary when you are hammered, then we hit Champs downtown in Lake Geneva. Big props to the New Jersey Gangster who gave up a ride into town. I included a picture of our trophy, we are all Runners of the Year. Good job to the fastpuppies: Jeremy and Shannon both got medals and won their age group. 

Event this weekend: 

Going to Paradise Sauna this Sunday. Feel free to meet up at my house and then ride up north to the spa. Eighteen bucks gets you in for the day. Warm tubs, cold tubs, chill out rooms, cheap massage or scrubs. Treat yourself. I’m planing on leaving my house around two. Dinner to follow.

Paradise Sauna

(773) 588-3304
2910 W Montrose Ave
Chicago, IL
One more important update: There will be the greatest show EVER at Sonotheque on Jan. 27th. It’s the boys from Valerie with Russ Chimes (west coast France and England). I’m not sure if you can get tickets (you may just have to RSVP) but do yourself a favor and go to this show. I am 100% there. Trust me, it will be worth it. 
New MUSIC posted to get you ready for the show (check “music here” above).