Thanks to everyone who came over and helped decorate the tree this year. I feel the party was a total success. Holiday joy was spread, couches soiled, boots drunk. The usual. I hope everyone has a great Christmas.









Rant: Dear city of Chicago Public Works,

Start plowing the streets again and putting down salt you cheap bastards. For those of us stupid enough to attempt biking in the winter it is proving much more difficult this year. I have noticed a huge difference from previous years in the quality and quantity of plowing that is going on . 


a concerned thepuppies

Have you seen this yet?

You must watch this video at least 17 times. It gets funnier every single time. I love the JT cameo.


WINter Activities.

December 2, 2008

Small puppies brigade made it out for BIke Winter’s karaoke ride. It was G’Damn cold and G’damn fun. I think i little bottle of Jack will constantly be in my bag this winter. It truly makes the ride much more, how you say….refined. We are also planning some winter type activities. I know i will be heading up to Lincolnwood to cruise the neighborhoods and take in the Christmas decorations once it gets a little more snowy and treacherous. Start working on your best adult winter beverages that you can put in a thermos and bring up there with us. Another one i was thinking about was riding up to Mount Trashmore in Evanston if we get a good snow and trying to head down the mountain atop bicycle. This is obviously a very stupid idea but i bet would also be fun if you can still ride home. Or you can try to steal an object on the way up that could be used to sled down a mountain on. The third idea was do a nice winter ride and then head up to this Korean Spa up on Montrose. I think it’s called Paradise Spa (or something like that). Rumor is that is a cheap, clean, and nice place to hit the hot tubs, saunas, massage, etc. All the reviews were good except for one that cited dudes jerking off everywhere. Feeling lucky punk?

I will also be hosting another DIY Fuck Up My Christmas Tree party. I am thinking on Dec. 18th or the 19th (Thursday or Friday: what do the people want?). 

Finally, i made it down south to Tilton, Illinois recently to see my favorite little person. In case you are wondering Tilton is a village in Danville Township with a population of 2,976. They have 98.29% percent white people. They have a BIG R which is like a Menards but for real hunter/farmer types. It’s gangster awesome if you need high visibility bike gear or anything to kill a small animal. Mullets were so epic i dare not describe them. I have included pictures that highlight my trip: My little buddy Sophia and a lady getting busted for meth by the local cops at Gross Burger. I think they really like meth down there. a lot.