October 4, 2008

Just back from Hyde Park. It was a great night to head down there. Feel the briskness baby. The(elite)puppies brigade performed a super tour of the area. First hitting the Japanese Garden at Jackson Park then off to the Frank Lloyd Wright Robie House, then to the Nuclear Energy sculpture at U of C, then to Barack Obama’s house, then to dinner at the Dixie Kitchen and Bait Shop. The security around Barack’s place was impressive, you are not getting anywhere close to his place. Barricades all the way down the block, cops all around. The surrounding blocks around the campus are beautiful, it’s seems like a nice part of the city that I should make it down to more frequently. Our dinner at the Dixie Kitchen was great. They serve you a basket of mini pancakes while you wait for your food. Gumbo=great. The ride back into the city had some super views, the city was lighting up the clouds. We also managed to see the fireworks show as we entered downtown. Great night, you should have come.  My night ended with a trip over to check out the new KidRobot store which opens tomorrow. It’s small and has some toys. That’s about all i can tell you, it was closed. 


Frank's Robie House, feel the prairie style boy

Frank Lloyd, can you feel the prairie?


Home of the A-bomb.

Chicago: Home of the A-bomb.


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