Don’t miss fall.

October 27, 2008

Breakfast Update: This Friday before work. At West Egg Cafe located at 620 N. Fairbanks (downtown around RIC / NMH). Time “6:30-7:00ish”

Went on a great trip up to the Botanical Gardens this Sunday. The weather was great and the trees were impressive along the trail. The perfect day for a ride. Try to make it up there soon before all the leaves are down and it gets too cold. 

Also the banner at the top will be pointing left until election day. Early voting is kick ass.















I’m cold.

October 23, 2008

Wow is it cooling off. Get ready for BIke WInter 09′.

 Just wanted everyone to know about my brother’s kick ass Urban Initiatives Halloween party (6th Annual). It’s Friday Oct. 31st at Ohm night club (1958 W. North Ave. enter in the alley). Costume party with prizes. I can promise my costume will entertain if it makes it to Chicago in time. You will not want to miss this. It’s always a fun time. Hopefully no paddy wagons this year. The cost is $40 for drinks from 8:00 to 12:00. All proceeds benefit Urban Initiatives.                                


October 14, 2008

Have not updated the site much lately. Just finished the marathon so I am damn sore right now but am ready to get back on the bike. If you want to meet up and ride let me know. Botanical Gardens this weekend?


October 4, 2008

Just back from Hyde Park. It was a great night to head down there. Feel the briskness baby. The(elite)puppies brigade performed a super tour of the area. First hitting the Japanese Garden at Jackson Park then off to the Frank Lloyd Wright Robie House, then to the Nuclear Energy sculpture at U of C, then to Barack Obama’s house, then to dinner at the Dixie Kitchen and Bait Shop. The security around Barack’s place was impressive, you are not getting anywhere close to his place. Barricades all the way down the block, cops all around. The surrounding blocks around the campus are beautiful, it’s seems like a nice part of the city that I should make it down to more frequently. Our dinner at the Dixie Kitchen was great. They serve you a basket of mini pancakes while you wait for your food. Gumbo=great. The ride back into the city had some super views, the city was lighting up the clouds. We also managed to see the fireworks show as we entered downtown. Great night, you should have come.  My night ended with a trip over to check out the new KidRobot store which opens tomorrow. It’s small and has some toys. That’s about all i can tell you, it was closed. 


Frank's Robie House, feel the prairie style boy

Frank Lloyd, can you feel the prairie?


Home of the A-bomb.

Chicago: Home of the A-bomb.

Lets Ride South.

October 1, 2008

Planning a post work ride down to Hyde Park this week. No advance plans once we get there. Just going on an urban adventure. I think Friday after work (bring your front lights for the return trip). If you would like to go or could suggest some things to do down there let me know. Explore your city.

Also breakfast pre-work this Thursday. Be there or be a square who is better rested but hungry at work.

Meeting at LOU MITCHELLS. DOWNTOWN. I’LL BE THERE AROUND 6:15 WITH A COFFEE IN MY HAND.,_Chicago,-87.598253&spn=0.004776,0.010386&om=1


Look at that shag.

Look at that shag.