Everyone survived the Wolf River. Shotgun Eddy’s represented as always. I love lax safety regulations and class 4 rapids in Wisconsin. Great weather. New Glarus beer. Cheese curds. Great stories in northern Wiscy dialect about pyromaniac sons. Wet exits. Need i say more.

Tuesday will be a ride to Blues Brothers (movie in the park) at Grant Park, Wednesday to Ferris Buellers Day Off in Lincoln Park: Weather permitting. Call me if interested 773 759-5733.

This Thursday we will be taking an early ride again to breakfast (down in the loop, probably at Yoke again on Michigan Ave. I will post the departure time soon. Get a good breakfast before work and shake your monotonous life up.

Nothing lined up for this weekend. I will be out of town at the St. Joe’s race. Next Wednesday i am having a pre-party for the Film Fest party at Sonotheque. Mini kegs of Oberon before a quick ride over to the party.


Rapids anyone?

July 24, 2008



This weekend will be host to the annual Wisconsin rafting trip. We head up (way) north into Wiscy and rock down the Wolf River. Leave Chicagoland around 11:30, arrive and set up camp, drink too much, wake up and head down the river. The trip takes 4 to 5 hours i believe. The rapids vary from: very slow which allows lounging and fun to oh shit i am going to die. The rafts are two man and it’s on an indian reservation; gambling is encouraged while on the rafts. My raft last year had a entire craps table right on it. 

Also look up and click on the “photobooth pics” link to check out the madness that was the photobooth ride.

This Friday = Critical Mass ( i may start the ride and then am heading north to meet up with friends at Finley Dunns )

Saturday = if you are not rafting with us you should check out Futurerock and Daedelus at Wicker Park fest, both will be great. I am not sure if both are playing the same night but dont miss them.

Also mark your calendars because the BICYCLE FILM FESTIVAL is coming to Chicago. It arrives August 6th with an opening party at Sonotheque. I will be having a pre-pre-party at my house. Show some love and come on out. 




This Saturday we will be heading up to the Farm Party. This looks to be the party of the summer. It’s a fundraiser for my brothers organization: Urban Initiatives. It’s a great cause and it will be one hell of a throw down. We will be making the trip up to Libertyville by bike. It’s around 40 miles and you will be rewarded with a as much food and drink as you can handle. Contact me if interested in attending. Bring your tent, trunks, and mirror ball. Forget about all the wedding, showers, engagement parties and all the other crap you are supposed to attend and hit this party. You deserve it.

Futurerock will be playing and word has it will be playing a great Daft Punk set.

Ride into the light.

July 3, 2008

Celebrate your independence with the best damn fireworks around. This Friday I will be heading on a mini bike tour (maybe solo…who knows) to catch the fireworks. My plan is to start at the one that goes off around Augusta and Wood (one of the corners around there). Last year the neighbors had a disgusting show. It was the best DIY show i have ever seen. I was truly scared for my life. After that i plan on just riding towards the explosions in the sky. Contact me if interested in INDEPENDENCE RIDE.