Sunrise ride was nice. Early but nice. Breakfast at Yolk was damn good. Cinnamon rolls are worth the trip alone. Come out this Friday for Critical Mass. I’m hoping we don’t get rained on for the third month in a row.

Coming Soon Event: Promontory Point barbecue / party. Check back for updates.


Early morning ride this Friday. Time to go off schedule. I know waking up is almost impossible as is but we will be attempting meet for a sunrise ride later this week. Friday morning we hope to catch the sun come up on the lake. The plan is to meet at the “boat” at North Ave. Beach at 5:00 am. Sunrise is 5:16. We will ride south on the lake and eventually make it over to Yolk restaurant in the south loop. There you can get a great breakfast and have a nice relaxing pre-work meal. Yes you will be tired as shit come noon but who cares. You will see this great city from a new perspective. Let me know if you are coming so we will wait for you if you are late. Or call 773 759-5733.

time to make the donuts.

Why did you miss the photobooth crawl? It was truly an epic night which i will describe when i can get the pics uploaded. Just got back from a ride up to the Botanical Gardens with the old man. What started as a nasty day ended up pretty nice. The only suck was that Shannon got 3 flats on the way up (before even getting out of the city). Undaunted, and thanks to the new triathalon store on Clybourn just east of Damen we were back on the road. The owner was a nice guy and i would recommend the store if you are in the area and are a psycho who does triathalons. After the late start i was lucky to meet my dad on the North Branch Trail. It was a nice ride and the Botanical Gardens are looking nice from what i saw (from the outside). I will make another trip up soon and keep everyone updated.


This week is “Still Bike To Work Week!” I will hopefully be having a pre-work sunrise ride (maybe Wednesday or Thursday depending on the weather forecast) and breakfast some time this week. I encourage all to attend and then make up an absurd excuse as to why you are late for work.

This Saturday join me in the first annual photobooth crawl. We will meet at my house at 4:00. I’m at 1458 W. Cortez #3 (top buzzer). Once everyone arrives we will leave and go to as many bars as possible that have photobooths. Take a picture, have a cocktail and move on. Ask your people if they know of any WORKING photobooths at local establishments. Invite your friends. Bring your singles cash money, bring your attitude. As Tim Gunn says: “I don’t know what you are doing, but i like it, just be yourself, and for Christs sake add a hood to that, now get back to work.” If you are running late or want to meet up in transit: 773 759-5733. This will be fun.