Hello all,

Im back and will be riding critical mass this Friday. Hope to see you out. Lots to do this weekend. You could head up to May fest after the ride. Wash out those plastic steins from last year. Or you could go see The Presets with me at the Abbey Pub. For those who have not rocked with the Presets yet, you are missing out. I may have one extra ticket so contact me if you want it and will dance your pants off. I saw them last year at Metro and it was a good show. Check out “This Boys in Love” -KIM remix. It is synth pop gold. Also the Division Street fest is going on this weekend. I would recommend Ted Leo and the Pharmacists. They are playing Sunday night at 8:30 (always a solid showing from them). Please join me this summer in not donating one cent to street festivals. The “suggested” donation of five or ten dollars is bullshit. These are city streets and you can have a free party every once in a while. With all the street fests bringing in hordes of people spending 6 bucks on a cup of pabst BR my “suggestion” would be that they can suck it.

Photobooth crawl/ride coming soon.

Check out some of the dope bikes i spotted in China:

Bike with dope Chrome shell.

BIke with homemade side car!

Old timer with hand crank Tricycle

Beauty with sidecar in the French Concession – Shanghai

Little kids trying to jack a scooter

Fixed mountain with disc.

“Let Bike” of course, that’s what i was thinking


Back from China

May 26, 2008

Just got back. Hope to update everyone on my trip and plan a few events soon. The weather has turned and we should get out there.

This Sunday was the best day in history. The weather was so perfect i had to go for a ride. I think it was my favorite day of the year to ride. The first day when you look up and all the trees have leaves on them. I made it west to Humboldt Park, South to Garfield Park, and then back to my neighborhood. Humboldt Park is looking great. I took the audio / MP3 tour which i would recommend. You can download it on the Chicago park districts website. It was very interesting. Garfield Park…how you say…not so nice. My ride back to my house was a little unnerving at times. It is definitely not a place you want to get a flat at. Bring a patch kit because i think the tracks at the park had more broken glass then asphalt. It also appears that Garfield park (near the conservatory) may host a farmers market of some kind. Has anyone been to this? I think the sign said it starts up this weekend. Enjoy the pics and if you ever want to go exploring just let me know. Also, i am knocking around the idea of riding up to Milwaukee some weekend when i get back. Any interest anyone?

Spring has arrived. The shit fountain is oozing water again. A must see on any bike tour.

God Bless America

Chicago at it’s most urban.

Me, pretending not to be in Chicago at the Humboldt Lagoon.

The boathouse in the distance. H-park.

Careful with that Ax, Abe. Garfield Park.

Lining the “Formal Garden” at Garfield. There is no garden.

The bandshell at Garfield.

Movie Night Anyone?

May 3, 2008

I just got a copy of Breaking Away delivered to my house. This looks to be a pretty sweet movie which i believe has one young Dennis Quaid. Here is the plot:

A small-town teen obsessed with the Italian cycling team vies for the affections of a college girl.

Sounds good to me. Oh yeah, it’s from 1979 so you know its awesome. If you would like a viewing party give me a call. I will be leaving for China this Friday and not back to the 25th. This movie night may happen before i leave, maybe after. Oh yeah and go to the Cut Copy show this Wednesday night. It will be fun.

On another note i saw a vampire when i was out the other night. I was walking home and this robed monster was in a full sprint down an alley. I had my camera and managed to take some pictures. This beast never paid me any attention as i snapped away. He/she was so interested in their prey it just passed me by.

vampire far away

vampire getting closer

vampire really close, me really scared.