An elite puppies crew hit critical mass Friday. Numbers seemed somewhat limited due to the impending hellish rain. We made it through the typical stomping grounds then north up to wicker park. Myself and Jack stopped to help some stranded bikers up at Damen and Clybourn “Yeah, i have a pump.” It was clear at that point that we were all gonna get a little wet. I donated a tube to this girl only to blow her f’ing tire and my tube out in quite an explosion. Never seen that one before. Ooops. As we were sitting there getting pissed on by the heavens i recommended she put her bike on a bus and call it a night. By then the mass was long gone so i too called it a night and went home to dry off. The highlight was passing a mercedes surrounded by about twenty bikers. I think the lady driving mercedes bumped a girl on her bike. This young girl was threatening to call the cops. The lady driving the car definitely wanted to get away. When i got a block away i heard the loudest…”ooooooooooohhhhhhh” by the growing crowd. It was the kind of mass “oooooooohhhhhhhh” that can only occur when a girl punches another girl in the face. Thats at least what happened in my mind. And it was great.

Officer Jack says “safety first kids…always wear your helmet”

Do not stop traffic in intersection. Violators subject to fines up to $500

On unrelated music notes: Cut Copy posted a second (early) show for May 7th at the Abbey. Get tickets if you can, I will be going to the late show.  Also, i will be attending the Cut Copy DJ set at Evil Olive ($5 buck with ticket stub) later that night. It should be an excellent Wednesday. Feel free to leave your bikes at my house during the show. Also Midnight Juggernauts will be playing double door this Friday, May 2nd. Might make that one. Other shows of note: M83 at Empty Bottle May 29th, The Presents at Abbey May 30th, Crystal Castles free show June 18th at Double Door


April 22, 2008

Me wearing my medal from Journey to the End of the Night

We survived our first event. Thepuppies conquered Journey To The End Of The Night last night. For those that made it out thanks. This was a great opening event (even though we were bikeless). For those that did not make it i am truly sorry you missed out. If this ever happens again you should try to make it. The rain stopped as we arrived at Wicker Park to here the instructions for the race. After our briefing we took off into the night. The race consisted of 6 checkpoints throughout the city with three “bonus” checkpoints. The organizers said about 150 people participated. It was a nice collection of the big, the small, the artsy, the fartsy, the fast, and the slow. The common denominator being everyone was ready to run their ass off. I am happy to report that thepuppies came in second place. Controversy over the title was rampant. Thepuppies were the first to reach the final checkpoint with signatures from all 6 checkpoints (and with two bonus checkpoints- good catch Jeremy on stamp #2). The winner made it back before us, but without receiving a signature at the final checkpoint (hhhhhmmmm). Myself, Jack, and Jeremy triumphantly jogged into the Shedd to receive our trophy only to find out we had been beat by one person. Great hand made medals were awarded to us for not getting caught and finishing at the top. The organizers of this adventure deserve many thanks for putting on a great event. Check out their link (SF0); they seem to be a pretty crazy group of guys/girls and hopefully thepuppies will be able to participate in more of their events / challenges. Thanks to Shannon and Kristen for completing the course as well. We are sorry we had to sacrifice you to a crazed chaser and leave you behind in a scary part of town. We definitely found some of the scariest alleys in the city along the way..nice rats. The course took us from Wicker Park to 1) Lifes too short to 2) The Billy Goat to 3) an underpass at Hubbard and Green to 4) Exelon Plaza to 5) the diner at Roosevelt and Canal to 6) the Shedd (with a lengthy end around through Chinatown – 18th street). Hope to see everyone at Critical Mass. We will meet up at the Northwest side of the Picasso statue at 5:45ish. The next morning included a great ride to Merles Coffee shop in Ravenswood Manor. If you are ever in the neighborhood i can recommend the apple cinnamon pancakes, thanks big guy. Oh yeah, get the biscuits too.

Jeremy, Kristen, Jack, and Shannon \

Jeremy, Kristen, Jack, and Shannon “safe” after Life’s Too Short

Two Girls One Dress. Awesome.

Clue #5: Two Girls One Dress- Awesome

A tea party at the underpass

Clue #2: A tea Party at the Underpass

Sara said knock you out.

April 18, 2008

Just back from the golden gloves. I feel the blue corner was robbed. Sara P. you kicked her ass. You go girl.

And we are on for Saturday rain or shine. My house 6:00pm to park at 7:00.


April 16, 2008

Going to Handlebar for fish tacos, tecate, and tequila: it’s nice outside you should go too.

Do we have any takers for Saturday? Get your sneakers shined and get ready to run. On a side note RJD2 will be at the Abbey Pub this Friday. I am still debating if i’m going to go. If anyone wants to ride up to the show let me know, i could easily be talked into going. Never seen him live. On Saturday Meat Beat Manifesto will be playing the Abbey. Wow, they are booking some crazy shows these days. I thought Meat Beat had gone the way of the Triceritops. Another Abbey note: get your tickets for Cut Copy on May 7th. I am going to that one, the new album=good.

send me a comment with your email, that way i can put together a list to get info to all members when needed.

April 10, 2008

Hello world!

April 9, 2008


You found us. We are starting soon. We will ride and run and drink. It will be joyous. This democratic gang will be open to all activities that fall under the umbrella “FUN.” If you have a fun event let me know and we will do it.

First Event:

Journey To The End Of The Night.

April 19th at Wicker Park (Damen and LeMoyne) at 7:00 PM. It may seem odd that our first event is not directly related to bikes. In fact one of the only rules is that no bikes are allowed. Who cares, this thing sounds great. I’m working that day till 4ish. Everyone can stash their bikes at my house and walk over to the park. If we have any energy left after we can get our bikes and hit a bar or two (or the event afterparty).

Check back for updates.

the link for the event (note wear some comfortable shoes, no biking cleats)